17 de noviembre de 2015

5 Reasons to Wear Nude Shoes

1.-They are versatile
They go well with all the clothes in your wardrobe and all the colours
1.- Son versátiles
Van con toda la ropa de tu armario y con todos los colores

2.-They elongate your legs and figure Being similar colour to your skin tone, they elongate your legs by creating an illusion, but make sure to choose the correct shade of nude ( Light nude for pale skins and caramel or chocolate tones for darker ones)
2.-Alargan las piernas y la figura
Al ser casi del color de la piel crean la ilusión de piernas más largas, pero asegúrate de elegir el tomo adecuado (nude pálido para pieles claras y caramelo o chocolate para las más oscuras)

3.- You can wear them in any season
3.- Puedes llevarlos en cualquier estación del año

4.- Any Occasion
4.- En cualquier ocasión

5.-They are Timeless
5.-Son atemporales

7 comentarios

  1. I've never had a pair of nude shoes, never really liked them. But, I can see the reasons why one would wear them. Super tips my dear...I hope you have a marvellous day XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Your outfits are more interesting! You look wonderful in nude shoes. I found out that they really match anything but can get boring sometimes.

  3. Well Sacremento....I thought nude shoes were a bit dull, boring and (dare I say it) frumpy! But this post has opened my mind a little....I feel the need to do a little shopping. You are a bad influence! Hahahahaha. XXX

  4. Pues me has convencido. Si me topo con algún par de zapatos nude que me gusten, me los llevo!


  5. even if I'm not a nude shoes girl, I appreciate its elegance and love all these elegant outfits for inspiration!!, you're fabulous!

  6. Yes, I need these. And, no, I don't already have a pair. I keep getting sidetracked by SILVER shoes!


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