24 de julio de 2015

Leaf Print Skirt & Floral Blouse / Estampado de Hojas y Blusa Floral

First time I went to England I spent all my spare time lying on the lawn. Coming from the south of Spain I had never seen so much green in my life. Yesterday, I passed by an open garden and I felt the old urge to lie on the grass; not having been to the UK for two years on a row pays its toll, I intrude in people´s garden hahaha.
The feel of the grass is healing, I am sure of that.
La primera vez que fui a Inglaterra pasaba todos los ratos libres en el césped. Viniendo del sur de España no había visto tanto espacio verde en mi vida. Ayer pasé por un jardín que estaba abierto y sentí la necesidad imperiosa de tumbarme en la hierba; no haber estado en el Reino Unido en dos años tiene su precio, me voy metiendo en los jardines ajenos jajaja.
Sentir la hierba es curativo, estoy segura.

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  1. you look phenomenal!!! :)


  2. It's the same here. Living in NZ with its rain and lush grass was amazing!
    Love the yellow shoes :-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. All you need is florals and a perfect haircut.

  4. Estas guapísima y por supuesto que tumbarse en la hierba es curativo! Un abrazo amiga.

  5. You are as pretty as any flower in that garden.

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  7. Beautiful palette....and once again EPIC shoes!
    I love the neon pop.
    I agree about the healing power of nature...lying on grass is good for the soul (especially with a good book in hand) and we sure have plenty of rain to keep the grass lush and green.
    Samantha @FakeFabulous.com

  8. Two gorgeous prints, one beautiful woman!
    Next time you come to the UK, I will lie on the grass with you! xx

  9. You are a VISION beautiful!!!! WWOWOWO!!! Those yellow pumps! Those flowers! Your hair is sooooo glam, and fierce!!! LOVVVVE u tons!!! Happy weekend!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  10. Laying on the lawn is amazing. I loved when taking pictures in Turkey. So much fun!
    I love your outfit - perfect for walking in gardens.

  11. ahhh, esa nostalgia del verde!!!, yo también la he sentido (la mía era más por los árboles y las montañas), es igual que quien añora el mar!!
    y qué estampados tan maravillosos que parecen hechos para ir juntos de paseo!, y el cinturón, y los zapatos!!, todo es arte!!!
    besos & abrazos verdes

  12. You look beautiful my friend! I did the same the first time I went in England! Lawns there are so perfect and clean!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  13. You look great! You always make the most interesting and fun combos!

  14. I love the grass too...even as a child, I would lay on it and dream into the sky. The feel of earth is so delightful and the ants always come to visit as well, hahaha!! I smelled a fragrance the other day that was created to smell like grass and it really did smell like grass, I was amazed, so now when I can't get to lay in the grass, I can smell it and 'be' there in a way!! Walking on the grass without shoes is a great feeling too as long as there isn't anything bad in the grass, haha!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  15. Another genius mix of patterns! I am in awe.

    Grass translates the sun for the earth.


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