18 de noviembre de 2015

White Gold Embroidered Shirt & Silk Blue Skirt

I spotted this white gold embroidered shirt in a pile of clothes in one of Berlin flea markets a few years ago, and every time I wear it I feel royalty.
I don´t envy people who wear expensive clothes or those who, by the luck of the draw, have been born beautiful. My admiration goes to the ones that create out of very little.
Descubrí esta camisa blanca bordada en oro entre un montón de ropa en uno de los mercadillos de Berlín hace unos años y cada vez que me la pongo me hace sentir regia No admiro las personas que llevan prendas caras, tampoco me inspiran las bellezas que han tenido la suerte de nacer así, sino aquellas que crean desde lo poco y cotidiano.

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  1. me gusta esa idea, admirar a la gente que crea algo bello en lo cotidiano! hermoso!
    Esa camisa es estupendísima!! y te queda tan bien!! eres una reina!

  2. Sacramento....the light!
    How and why is it so beautiful?!
    I want to step through the screen and join you...I might need to take off my winter coat before I do, though.
    The gold in your outfit and the golden light is beautiful.
    Fake Fabulous

  3. Qué maravilla, no sólo la camisa, sino el conjunto entero. Mucha armonía.


  4. The shirt details are gorgeous.

    I always remember a friend of mine that had trained to be a cook. She told me that the way to ferret out the truly talented cooks was by inviting them over to your house when your fridge and cupboards are almost empty. They will be the ones that can put together a fantastic meal out of nothing.


  5. You are so right. Life is so much more beautiful when you build it yourself.

  6. You do in fact look very regal in this beautiful shirt Sacramento. I so agree with your ideology - the clever ones are those who are creative without a huge budget. You always look so serene xxx
    Anna's Island Style

  7. I think this outfit is perfect on you. And it is also my taste. Really beautiful. I am afraid you cannot admire me as my skills to create anything are very little. Never mind, you like me inspite of that, don't you 😇😘

  8. Totally in love with this look! this skirt is so versatile ... I just saw the post from NY where you wear it with a stripy top and a black blazer ... here it looks so glam! Wow!

  9. I`m so glad to hear from you, Sacramento! As ever you look fantastic, always true to your style and flowing creativity!

  10. Which is why YOU are my guru! Visiting your blog keeps me in line.

  11. I see why you feel like royalty, you are a vision and your carriage awaits just out of shot.



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