19 de octubre de 2015

Washington Square

This is my second time in New York and I have already got a ritual, visiting Washington Square, "When Harry met Sally", and walking through 5th Avenue to Central Park.
This time we d-toured to Little Italy to have a pizza and then to Chinatown where we sat for coffee and people watching before returning to our original route. I tell you it was harder than trekking the Scottish mountains, hahaha. We were in bed by about 7pm exhausted.
Esta es mi segunda visita a Nueva York y ya tengo un ritual,visitar Washington Square -"Cuando Harry encontró a Sally" y caminar desde allí por la 5º Avenida hasta Central Park. Esta vez nos salimos de la ruta para tomar una pizza en Little Italy y después sentarnos y descansar en Chinatown antes de volver a la 5º. Os digo que es más duro que hacer senderismos en las montañas de Escocia, jajaja. Estábamos en la cama sobre las 7 de la tarde exhaustas.
I am wearing Paloma Hiles hand printed skirt and my new to me red leather biker.
llevo puesta mi falda de Paloma Hiles y mi nueva biker roja de segunda mano.

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  1. I love your final shot Sacramento!
    It looks like the bunny is jumping from the pavement onto your skirt...trying to escape the dirt of city life and join it's brothers on your light and airy skirt, brilliant.
    Your "power shoulders" mirroring the power of city but with the femininity of your twirling skirt.
    Such a great look.
    Fake Fabulous

  2. Veo que estás disfrutando al máximo de tu viaje :)
    La falda de tu hija te queda ideal!!


  3. Yes, it does look like the bunny is jumping into your skirt. Ha! Beautiful new leather jacket. It was interesting to read that you saw so many drab dressers in New York in your earlier post. We are so used to seeing only the fabulous ones. No wonder people asked if you were a rock star. You are!

  4. eres una estrella!!, y me encanta verte en esas calles famosas, llenas de todas esas referencias de las películas!, estupendísima!! me llenas de alegría!!
    besos & abrazos locos

  5. wow, envy!!! ;) pleasant stay! :)
    nice look :)


  6. These are all such great shots and you look really stunning in your bunny print skirt with your new leather jacket.You really were the New York fashionista.

  7. Loving the photos of you strutting your stuff around NY. From blog posts I've read about the fashion scene there it does seem years behind Europe and rather staid. thank goodness for you injecting some cool and cool to the precedings! xxx

  8. That final shot IS genius. And the jacket is to die for!

  9. Beautiful photos Sacramento. You are perfection in Washington Square!

  10. You looked perfect. What a great combination.


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