26 de octubre de 2015

Farewell to New York - The Metropolitan Museum

The last day in NYC, I wore my polka dot dress to visit the Metropolitan Museum. Well, I just sat opposite Renoir´s painting while Rebecca wondered around being inspired. I had no brain left by then, haha. It was a peaceful oasis before hitting the town again. We had a few hours left before catching the plane so we went into a Happy Hour bar and had a couple of margaritas to say our goodbyes properly, yeahhh.
En mi último día en Nueva York me puse mi vestido de lunares para visitar el museo Metropolintan. Bueno, yo me senté frente a los cuadros de Renoir mientras Rebecca se paseaba por las salas en busca de inspiración. A mí ya no me quedaba cerebro para más, jajaja. Fue una sensación de oasis de paz antes ded adentrarnos de nuevo en las calles. Teníamos unas cuantas horas que matar antes de coger el avión de vuelta, así es que nos metimos en un bar con Happy Hour y nos tomamos dos margaritas que nos supieron a gloria y que nos ayudaron a decirle adios a nuestra aventura neoyorquina, yeahhhh.

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  1. Gorgeous dress - and my favorite city in the world! Thanks for sharing, xo


  2. Farewell New York! I've enjoyed our visit.
    Gorgeous necklace! Kisses! xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Look at my superstar in Ny!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this super deserved vacation my love! Hope I will visit NY one day too! Baci, Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  4. Your polka dot dress looks right at home in the streets of New York.
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us all.

  5. Bonito look!!! me encantan las pinturas de Renoir!!!
    Besos, Marcela♥

  6. Nothing like Renoir to calm the soul. I see you became a pro at taking the subway!

  7. Hola, dear Sacramento! So happy you got to visit our shores and that you had fun. You look lovely as always and fit right in. Thanks for making NYC look even better because of your presence!

  8. Your polka dot dress is sublime. I enjoyed every photo of your trip and happy that you had a fabulous time. Love the photo of you in the subway station!!!


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