20 de noviembre de 2015

A Knit Dress for a Curvy Body & Yellow Jacket

You wouldn´t think that a knit dress would fit a curvy body like mine so well when I found it last year. I was expecting it to show all my bumpy bumps, but instead it cinches and makes me look slimmer,yeahh don´t you think or is it me?
A primera vista no pensé que un vestido de punto quedaría bien en un cuerpo con curvas como el mío cuando lo encontré el año pasado. Esperaba que  enfatizara mis lorzas, pero en lugar de eso se ajusta y me hace parecer más delgada, yeahhh ¿No crees o soy yo?
Here in Málaga we have flowers and fruits all the year round, but the soft evening light speaks of Autumn.
Aquí en Málaga tenemos flores y frutos todo el año, pero la luz  suave del atardecer habla de otoño. 

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  1. Creo que tienes razón: Te sienta estupendamente. Un beso.

  2. It looks marvellous on you, I think it suits your shape very much so. I will come and visit, it's just been non-stop rain here, so I haven't enjoyed Autumn so much. The light there looks perfect :))) Have a wonderful weekend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Pero si te sienta genial! Anda anda XD
    Preciosas imágenes otoñales.


  4. That dress does make you look slimmer. And the tassel earrings make you look like a goddess. This is interesting because I have a new curvy body that I didn't have when I was younger and it is a challenge to dress these new curves. I look to you for inspiration. XXXOOOO

  5. Love the earrings!

    I always find that a body conscious dress makes me look slimmer. Otherwise the eyes naturally fill in the space with your body.


  6. This dress is a very clever cut - you look fabulous, but there again you always do! You have a style all of your own which is why you have such a lot of admirers.
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style

  7. Knits are slimming when they are prints. Not that you need slimming!

    I tried to subscribe again. Let me know if it came through on your end.

  8. Ah yes, the proof of a good knit dress is how it smooths us out!


  9. Es que las lorzas hay que mostrarlas! Yo voto por los vestidos de tubo que te hacen bootilicious! <3


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