4 de noviembre de 2015

Back to Front Autumn Print Landscape Blouse

The print on this blouse is like an Autumn landscape painting. Perfect colours for this season I love the best.
I am wearing  the blouse back to front to get the better pic where I can enjoy it, hahaha. You Have already seen my ruffle skirt many times.
El estampado de la blusa es como una pintura de un paisaje otoñal de colores perfectos para mi estación favorita.
Me he puesto la blusa de atrás a delante porque es donde el paisaje se luce más. La falda naranja de volantes ya la habeís visto antes muchas veces.

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  1. that blouse is pure magic.......and I really like that skirt with ruffles.

    you are a great inspiration!

  2. La blusa es preciosa y la falda que la acompaña también me gusta. To estilo es maravilloso. Besos.

  3. That blouse is a work of art and wearing it backwards is inspired, much better than spoiling the print with buttons!
    I know. When we're in India we laugh at men in woolly hats and ladies in cardigans when we're in flip flops! xxx

  4. Love that blouse!

    Those people would be laughed at here in Canada : )


  5. A beautiful print blouse, Sacramento. I love how you chose to wear it back to front.

    Thank you so much for contributing two photos to Hat Attack. I was very happy to see you pop up on my screen! Happy Autumn!

  6. What a stunning print on your blouse, and the cascading ruffles on the skirt are beautiful. Autumn in an outfit! xxx

  7. You are such a versatile Stylist and I love this on you. Enjoy!

  8. I love your photography, Sacramento! Your choice of images is beautiful...dreamy. The colours! The light! The atmosphere!!! Fantastic. The blouse looks funky in reverse...like an oversized blouse...I must try this. As for the colours, in your outfit, they are right up my street. Stunning.
    Fake Fabulous

  9. it's one of my favorite skirts ever!, love its color and shape and love how you wear it with attitude!, fabulous color combo and fabulous idea wearing your blouse back to front, such a pretty print!
    Por aquí también hay gente que se pone de otoño en cuanto lo dice el calendario, haga falta o no!. Y hay momentos de mezcla de sandalias y botas, tirantes y abrigos, es gracioso!
    besos & otoño

  10. I am sure your blouse appreciates the chance to get worn the other way round and really show off how pretty it is! We should always listen to how our clothes tell us to wear them.


  11. I agree. It's all about color. Dress to match your landscape in season.

  12. I wouldn't have thought that what we see from the blouse is actualy the back! The print is very lovely too. Hope you will have a great week!


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