3 de noviembre de 2015

Google PageRank

I have just found out that my blog is 4 on Google Pagerank, which is supposed to be very good, and me thinking I was talking to myself, hahaha
The truth is that my humble blog that started with a few fashion pics kept in my notebook has become my best friend for five years.The hours I spend blogging are sweet and painless. The blog gives me joy and lightens my days while I learn and improve, hopefully. It also helps me through dark times; I just have to close my eyes and think of the next outfit or story I am going to share with you all. In the end it is thanks to you, dear friends, who make the blog possible by lighting the fire and blowing my wings.

Acabo de descubrir que mi blog tiene un 4 en Google PageRank, que se supone que es muy bueno, y yo pensando que hablaba sola, jajaja
La verdad es que mi humilde blog que empezó con unas cuantas fotos sacadas de mi cuaderno de recortes de moda se ha convertido en mi mejor amigo durante cinco años. Las horas que paso trabajando en él son dulces y vuelan. El blog me da alegría e ilumina mis días mientras mejoro y aprendo, espero. También es de gran ayuda en momentos bajos y difíciles, sólo tengo que cerrar los ojos y pensar en el próximo atuendo o historia que voy a compartir. Al final es gracias a vosotr@s, querid@s amig@s, los que haceis el blog una realidad por avivar el fuego y soplar mis alas.

8 comentarios

  1. Te aseguro que no hablas sola, yo siempre estoy aquí leyéndote.


  2. You certainly are not talking to yourself! We anticipate your every post. :o)


  3. Haha Sacramento, we are listening to you and watching your wonderful outfits that you put out every day. xo

  4. Congratulations!
    I only don't understand, *why* you have deleted all the nice "Share-in-Style" posts, it was so inspirieng, later to come back and look for all the participiants. I miss them!

  5. Thank your for your visit and comment. That's the matter - sad, but not changeable :-(

  6. I am on 2/10 haha. Nobody reads my blog (well, some 5.000 unique visitors every month with one post a week... not too bad).


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