15 de enero de 2016

Silky Pyjama Shirt

This silky pyjama shirt was too nice to keep indoors while the sun is shining outside, don´t you think?
The Virgen de Covadonga on my neck is a souvenir from my sister. It is not meant to be worn as I do, more like somewhere in your home with holly water, but you know me, if I like it I wear it, hahaha
Este top de pijama sedoso es demasiado chulo para dejarlo en casa mientras el sol brilla fuera ¿no te parece? 
La Virgen de Covadonga en mi cuello es un recuerdo que me trajo mi hermana. Se supone que lo tienes que poner en algún lugar de la casa con agua bendita, pero ya me conocéis; si me gusta me lo cuelgo, jajaja

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  1. I love your pj top. What a wonderful way to wear it. So many religious articles are just beautiful. Why not wear them?? So much better than keeping them locked up inside a dark church.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about the PJ top and your neckpiece.

  3. Que gran idea colgar te la Virgen de Covadonga, estas deslumbrante! Un abrazo.

  4. fabulous satiny shirt, too fabulous to stay at home!, love that oriental print and how it contrast over your red dress!
    y qué bonito verte junto al mar!, magnífica!
    (sin tiempo más que para pasar un momento a verte)

  5. Menos mal que esa virgen es de un tamaño más o menos manejable... XD


  6. Es una monada! Vas muy elegante y estilosa
    Me encantaría saber tu opinión en mi blog, hastaelultimodetalleconmigo.blogspot.com.es mil besos, te espero guapa!

  7. An Aunt told me it was not proper to wear my rosary as a necklace. I told her that it was a gift from my Grandpa and when I wear it I think of him and am more mindful of Christ every time I feel the cross against my body. Hurray for wearing what we like! :o)

  8. Seeing your sunny smile, wonderful outfit and beautiful warm blue skies has made my day! Stunning look from a stunning lady!

  9. Very creative use of materials. Both as in the brooch and the jacket. Two things which were meant to be used for something else. You think outside the box my dear. Which we already knew.

  10. Love the look of the top as your jacket and the brooch ! The coral color is fab on you.

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  11. That pin (necklace?) is freaking AMAZING! I'm sure you're the first person to ever wear one. And I agree: If I can't wear it, I don't want it. Gypsies!


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