19 de enero de 2016

How to Wear Flat Boots / 5 Style Tips

When pairing flat boots most people think of jeans, but for me the clash of the softness of skirts/ dresses with the tough leather is pulse raising. Your body is free and your feet ready to be on fire, hahaha. When there is some heavy walking to do  in towns I wear nothing but my biker boots. They are stylish, comfortable and can be worn with just about anything.
Cuando se piensa en botas planas siempre vienen a la mente los jeans, pero para mí la mezcla de faldas y vestidos suaves con la piel me acelera el pulso. El cuerpo se siente libre mientras los pies listos para incendiarse, jajaja. Cuando tengo que andar en serio por la ciudad siempre llevo mis bikers. Son cómodas, estilosas y van con todo.
1.- Long Skirts & Dresses /  Falda- Vestido largoVestido
 2.- Midi Skirt / Dress
3.- Short Skirt- Dress / Vestidos - faldas cortas
4.- Ideal when Layering / Ideales para capear

5.- In any Season / Cualquier época del año

6 comentarios

  1. I love boots and skirts, the mix of soft and hard is perfection!! Love all this inspiration XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. This is for tall, slim girls only :-( definitely not for me but veeery nice.

  3. I just love these looks. This is very much my style. I have been on the look out for some cute tough boots that are good for a warm climate. I am over heels. Flats forever!

  4. Agree with Connie. This is meeeeeee!
    I love Converse boots in canvas for the hotter weather.
    That first girl is going places!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I'm wearing tall flat boots right now. I can not walk in heeled anything. Love pull on boots with a girly skirt/dress

  6. I agree with you. Flat boots, aside from being practical, give a girly dress an edge. So unexpected.


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