24 de septiembre de 2015

My Favourite Collections Spring / Summer 2016 -+ Comment options

Marc Jacobs

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  1. I think this fall is going to be just your style. Gucci is showing similar. And I like mixing comments/no comments. Sometimes it's nice just to look...

  2. I can see that you will make your own versions of some of these - and probably already have! This style is very you. And I would certainly welcome ANY of these into my wardrobe too, especially the Gucci!
    I like the comment/no comment options.

  3. The first one looks like it has your name on it. You really know your style. And we love it. Sure. Mix up the comment/no comment.

  4. Ahhhhh...I LOVE them all...so perfect!! Dream clothes. I think some posts without comments is just fine for me. I like to just look at pictures sometimes, sometimes there are no words, just a love for things or a feeling!! So no commenting on some posts is just fine :))) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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