15 de julio de 2015

Hot Pink Fuschia Cotton Summer Dress

Sometimes a simple cotton summer dress is more than enough to make you feel like jumping and playing, or could it be the effect of the hot pink?
A veces sólo necesitas un vestido de algodón veraniego para sentir ganas de saltar y jugar o ¿ podría ser el efecto del rosa fuerte?

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  1. Your enegry is always fantastic, no matter what colour you wear. I've noticed that bright colours make me feel more energetic, so perhaps that hot pink made you feel like jumping and dancing:)

    as I said, your energy is always great...and this look is no exception. You look stunning in this hot pink dress. Lovely sandals to match!

    The photos are lovely...such a cool location.

  2. qué vestido más bonito!!! el color, el vuelo, lo bien que te queda!! todo es estupendo!! y parece tan fresco y cómodo!
    ese rosa fuerte, cómo me gusta! y además es muy ochenta!!
    besos fucsia

  3. I love this vibrant shade of fuchsia, you look wonderful my friend and this dress seems also very fresh and suitable for this crazy hot weather :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  4. Luces fabulosa con este precioso vestido :D


  5. The shade of that dress is gorgeous and you've worn it beautifully Sacramento. xo

  6. Como te favorece el fucsia y que favorecida te veo amiga! Un abrazo enorme.

  7. I love the photos and the impact the pink dress has on its surroundings. Its fabulous. xxx

  8. I love those epic shoes...and the beauty of your images!
    You look like an angel of the urban jungle in the stunning graffiti wall photograph.
    So beautiful.


  9. Yes, simple cotton dresses are the best for the heat, but I love how you photographed them with graffiti and basketball images in the background. Looks like you are about to jump up and catch that ball! Did you?

  10. Love this look! That color looks amazing on you!!! I could never pull that off like you do. :)


  11. Such a wonderful happy colour, no wonder you feel like jumping and playing. Love those shoes.

  12. J'adore! I would love to meet you as soon as you cross the ocean, or I cross the ocean. :) xxxxxx

  13. I love hot pink and I love cotton. Rayon is as far as I will go in a fabric...

  14. This is the best pink...I love it so!! Ever marvellous XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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