19 de junio de 2015

Kandinsky´s Blouse

The print of this blouse brought to mind Kandinsky´s colours and painting. I found it amongst many others but, it only felt unique when I wore it as if made for me by an unknown woman of wild dreams.
El estampado de esta blusa me trajo a la mente los colores y la pintura de Kandinsky. La encontré entre muchas otras, pero sólo la sentí única cuando me la puse. Hecha para mí por una mujer desconocida y soñadora.

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  1. I love that print! The shoes are perfection. I do check bloglovin sometimes but mostly it is pretty useless. I do like instagram!

  2. You look wonderful in this artistic blouse! I fell for instagram. So much fun, so easy.

  3. Love that shirt, it is very Kandinsky, isn't it?
    Not an Instagram fan, it seems very self-centred with no conversation. Twitter seems pointless.
    I like great writing and real people, blogging rules! x

  4. qué preciosidad de estampado y qué bien te queda esa camisa, y esa falda azul, y esa actitud maravillosa!!! y esos tremendos tacones, guau!
    Y personalmente, nunca me ha gustado bloglovin. Uso un lector de feeds integrado en el navegador, y así mejor!
    Instagram mola!
    besos & colores

  5. Fantastic summery look
    In love with your shirt

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  6. Eres única, bella y simpática! Te adoro amiga! Un besazo.

  7. Your blouse is beautiful! lovely look! :)


  8. The blouse is an explosion of color and so expressive of what you are. But once again the skirt has my heart, especially with prim and dainty pumps.

  9. I honestly am having a hard time getting into IG. Bloglovin is the only place I'm really at. Can't stand Twitter or FB either. I'm old school! LOL I've never heard of Klout.

    Love the colourful blouse and the red shoes.


  10. I love Instagram, but I keep it private and smallish. I use Bloglovin to follow all of my blogs. I am seeing a decline of comments on blog posts and that is too sad. The traffic still seems to be there, but people can't be bothered to do more than "like" a post so commenting is getting skipped.


  11. I love this top, you look amazing!!! Perfect perfect, am happy you found it!! I barely go on Twitter any more, only to share my blog, I find it pointless at times as no one really speaks. And if they do, I get notifications long after it. So, I barely sign in sometimes. I use bloglovin as it's easier for me to keep up with all the blogs, but they keep changing the layout of it and I find that annoying. But, I love Instagram, that has to be my favourite of all. Much more interaction and I find one great artist/fashion designer after the next, so I am happy with Instagram :))) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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