22 de junio de 2015

Hand Painted Bolero

The hand painted bolero and the skirt come from different flea markets and towns, still they found a way to meet and be one.
El bolero pintado a mano y la falda proceden de distintos mercadillos y ciudades, sin embargo han encontrado la forma de estar juntos.


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  1. Pues es verdad, somos unas perezosas para escribir, sobre todo yo, aunque tampoco me puedo quejar pues tengo mi blog abandonado desde hace semanas, no porque no tenga cosas para poner, es que nunca encuentro el momento de sacar fotos y cuando las hago en todas me veo horrible.
    Por cierto, me ha llamado la atención tu blusa pintada, te ha quedado monísima. Precisamente estoy preparando bocetos de flores para pintar una seda que tengo hace un montón de años y que he decidido hacerme algo con ella pero no acabo de lanzarme a pesar de que hace años pinté camisetas para los niños pero me da miedo que me salga mal.
    Te queria preguntar otra cosa, si encuentro tu correo te lo digo en privado.

  2. flowers, flowers ... beautiful the flower's skirt! :)


  3. I love these florals, and those shoes! Really fabulous.

    I find it very hard to comment as much as I used to, because I don't have as much time anymore. It's sad, yes. But I still make the effort to comment in the communities that I feel exist between certain groups of people and certain blogs.


  4. Love that hand painted jacket and those shoes.
    I only post when I've got time to catch up with commenting. If I'm busy then I don't blog. xxx

  5. I have restricted the blogs I follow so I can have a meaningful relationship with comments using the limited energy I have.
    Otherwise it's all missing something. I think we have so much crowding in for our attention, we find it hard to limit and end up being spread too thin, but that isn't very meaningful, at least to me.
    Love the pairing up of the painted items! You are providing a dating service :-D!!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. I just comment when I feel that I want to comment a post. Wish my English was better though ... This post - handpainted bolero deserve a comment!

  7. I love this outfit- maybe my favourite of yours ever. That skirt is such a beautiful print! I'm a little like Vix, I try to only post if I have time to catch up with all my favourite blogs and leave comments etc. I have seen a decline in comments (but not traffic!) I guess it's all down to how much time people have- with smart phones it's increasingly easy to read blogs and then skip on to the next. It's sad- I suppose the community aspect is lost through not commenting however I find instagram is increasingly the place I chat with people. XX

  8. It is not easy to find a time to comment, but I think sometimes a simple sentence can mean a lot if it is from a heart. The comment doesn't always have to be long to be meaninful.

    That painted skirt and top are a match made in heaven..two different floral prints, but they look wonderful together...I always love your playful outfits! you are always true to your style sense.


  9. I adore the skirt and bolero combination - and the sandals too!
    I think I receive slightly fewer comments these days, but there are quite a lot of people who used to comment but who aren't blogging anymore. I don't tend to check on my traffic, so I have no idea whether that's up or down! I'm another one who doesn't post if I don't have time to catch up on commenting too - it doesn't seem fair to want other people to engage with me if I'm not doing the same for them. xxx

  10. Sacramento I went to the Blogtacular conference a week ago and the keynote speaker talked about the death of comments. She said we shouldn't be worried or scared by it because it's just that people are sharing what they love differently these days. So many people read blogs on their phones nowadays and it's much harder to comment that way, so we have to think about how they're talking about instead: It's generally via social media.

    So if people are sharing their love for you on social media she said go with it, and encourage people to do it more! Plus one more thing I've noted myself: The super bloggers often have a ton of comments but it's mostly spam - people plugging their blogs and products. It's so much better to have 5 comments that are genuine and from loyal readers than 100 spammy nonsense ones...!

    Love your bolero/skirt combo BTW - beautiful as always!

    Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb x

  11. a mí me gusta comentar, comunicar el entusiasmo!, pero también echo de menos tener más tiempo y poder hacerlo más a menudo y mejor, aunque es casi ir contra corriente, porque todo va cada vez más rápido y se pasa a otra cosa!
    Y me encanta ese despliegue de flores, ese bolero es una maravilla! y esas sandalias son estupendísimas!
    You Rock!

  12. I enjoy reading your blog and viewing the fashions that you whip up. More power to you!

  13. The skirt and bolero were made for each other. I also am very taken with those platform shoes. I found it interesting to read the other bloggers take on comments . I agree with Catherine maybe it is better to have less but more genuine comments, like true friends really.

  14. I like the hair style and shoes but also the rest of the outfit. I comment often. I try to build relations with a few other bloggers and keep it via comments. It is a slow but very gratifying process and it builds steady flow.

  15. I definitely don't have the time to comment as much. I blog a lot less too. Life is a demanding beast! Happy to see you are back to living life outside. Hope it means that things are going better. Xxx

  16. Hello lovely!
    I try and comment each day, and with my linkup I go through all of the blogs, so it takes me about 4 days to get through them all! This painted skirt is a work of art, love the floral mixes!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  17. So wonderful!! Love the painting on it. I think comments are a little down, but it's not too bad yet for me. I know I can get behind as we all have lives away from blogs. But, I try to keep up when I can. I think commenting is great as long as it's a decent comment, the ones that leave 'great' on your blog and then a whole paragraph of every page they have & how they'd like you to follow them are the ones that I have no time for, ha!! But, so far all is fine with comments :)) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. I totally agree. Only hitting "like" isn't connecting with people the way a comment does. It is the main reason I really dislike Instagram and Facebook.



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