30 de octubre de 2015

Print Velvet Skirt & Silk Shirt

I gave Rebecca this shirt, thinking it wasn´t me. She liked it, but left it behind and yesterday as I was trying on my velvet skirt they just clicked.Victor said that the palm trees on the photo look like wings on my bag, ohhhhhhhh. I may be an angel, hahaha. One thing is for certain I am back and ready to mix and match prints, textures and colours like a mad woman possessed by a tornado of rainbows,yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Le dí esta camisa a Rebecca pensando que no era yo. A ella le gustó pero se la dejó olvidada y ayer cuando estaba probándome la falda de terciopelo me dí cuenta de que eran perfectas la una para la otra.Victor dice que las palmeras en la foto de arriba parecen alas que salen de mi espalda, ahhhhhh. Puede que sea un angel, jajaja. Una cosa sé por cierto que estoy de vuelta y preparada para mezclar y combinar prints, texturas y colores como una loca poseída por un tornado de arco iris, jajaja

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  1. Your giant flower pulls this outfit together magnificently! "Tornado of Rainbows" has got to be the best descriptive ever! I wait on the edge of my seat for more fantastic style from you dear.


  2. I love it when i rediscover an item I have either packed away or given away....like a breath of fresh air!
    You are beautiful in this warm toned outfit...and you are my favourite pattern-clashing angel! Never stop. XXX
    Fake Fabulous

  3. That skirt is fabulous. A tornado of rainbows. Yes. That's you!

  4. Very gorgeous prints outfit!!!
    I followed your Instagram now:))


  5. Glorious ensemble Sacramento. As always!

  6. Well, this is just fabulous! Between you and Samantha, I must just give this whole pattern play a try. You're a pro!!

    Thanks for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Story Link Up.



  7. "like a mad woman possessed by a tornado of rainbows" - that's the BEST quote from you!! x

  8. Love the velvet and the belt is beautiful, love the style

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx


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