5 de octubre de 2014

Typical Spanish dresses

Flamenca Dress - Andalucía
The flamenca dress originated between the late 19th and early 20th century when gypsy women vendors, dressed in modest gowns adorned with ruffles, came to the fairs along with livestock traders. The wealthy women of the time started to imitate these outfits.
Generally thought the typical Spanish dress, it really represents more Andalusia and it is particularly associated with Andalusian festivals such as the Seville Fair. Every region of Spain has its own traditional dress; the most lavish and richly embelished is, in my opinion, the fallera outfit from Valencia.

El traje de flamenca nace a finales del siglo 19 y  principios del 20 cuando las mujeres gitanas se vestian con trajes adornados de volantes para acudir a las ferias de ganado. Las mujeres acaudaladas de la época comenzaron a imitarlas.
Se considera el traje típico español cuando en realidad representa más a la estética andaluza y se asocia con festividades y ferias, sobre todo La feria de Sevilla.
Cada región española tiene su propio traje; el más lujoso rico en bordados y adornos, en mi opinión, es sin duda el traje de fallera valenciana.
Fallera dress- Valencia

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  1. Absolutely love these dresses, saw a documentary about Valencia and a lady who owned hundreds of these kind of dresses - and she made them all by herself!

  2. beautiful. Love the hair in the last photos

  3. If you knew how much I love flamenco, you would be sure I appreciate this post as much as it should be appreciated!!! I love everything about flamenco- the music, the dance, the history, the dresses, the attitude....

    I was fortunate to see a flamenco performance a few times in my life and every time I loved it!

    fabulous post dear<3


  4. I have flamenco dress!!! :) because I dance flamenco :)


  5. I have had a crush on this traditional costume since I was a child and dressed up in a black and red flamenco dress. Ahaha today I disabled the word verification, I had to enable it for a while because I was getting some very nasty comments! I don't like it either, now it's off!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  6. So beautiful. I have always wanted to be a flamenco dancer and I have, of course, always loved flamenco dresses. I am also hugely enamoured of flamenco guitar playing.

  7. No sabria con que traje quedarme, los flamencos me chiflan pero hay que reconocer que los de fallera son una preciosiddad, aunque creo que si tengo que elegir me quedaría con uno de flamenca

  8. Gorgeous. Women should dress like that all the time!

  9. I love it, I need to come to Spain so I can wear one for festival :))) Would be amazing!! I want a polka dot one...amazing amazing!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. One day I shall own one of those red spotty dresses! )I remember seeing them when I was working in Granada but couldn't afford one; now I can't manage to get back there! ('Silly' mental health stuff!!
    Mr B brought me a pair of flamenco shoes when he was working in Madrid and I did start lessons.
    Adore the film "Blood Wedding".

  11. SO interesting, I never knew how the dress came to existence!

  12. I can never get enough of these dresses, just love them. And of course the women are so beautiful too. That looks like Ava Gardner there...? Xxxxx

  13. So pretty. In Holland we especially know the red top ones. But the white one with roses in the middle is my favourite.

  14. I am still in awe just how beautiful those hair dos are.

    Alex - Funky Jungle - Instagram

  15. Los trajes de volantes me encantan, igual que Ava Gardner que siempre me ha parecido guapísima. El traje de fallera es divino, pero el de huertana de Murcia no tiene nada que envidiarle. Besos.

  16. great post! thank you so much for sharing!


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