13 de mayo de 2014


I always wanted to have a parasol to walk freely in the summer sun instead of hiding in the shade. I bought one at last and love it. In a place where everybody sunbathes people might think I am crazy on the other hand you never know it might become a trend, hahaha
Siempre he querido tener un parasol para andar libremente bajo el sol de verano en lugar de buscando sombras. Al fin lo he comprado y me encanta. Puede que me tomen por loca en un lugar donde todo el mundo se broncea; aunque nunca se sabe lo mismo se convierte en tendencia, jajaja.

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  1. I tuoi look sono sempre molto originali. Carinissimo l'ombrello. Kiss

  2. Looking beautiful!

    You did the style of the painting perfectly!

    Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

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  3. Perfect as always dear Sacramento :)
    So lovely look :)

  4. Very cute idea ! Your parasol is delightful!!

  5. Amiga Sacramento........
    que hermosa entrada, inspiradora
    del yin...lo femenino.

  6. Olá Sacramento

    I love your style. You are total diferente from the others, because you have your own style.
    BOM DIA!

    AMIGA DA MODA by Kinha

  7. You are perfectly ready for a day in the sunshine!

  8. Oooooh qué monada de parasol, me encantan estos accesorios!! Elegancia y glamour por doquier :D
    A mí tampoco me gusta andar bajo el sol de verano, de hecho lo odio a muerte, por eso sombra que veo, allá voy XD


  9. Love these, this one looks amazing!! Parasols are so gorgeous. You look wonderful holding yours, am happy you finally have one :) Happy Tuesday my dear XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. I don't sunbathe either... looks like I need a parasol! Those shoes are INCREDIBLE. Loving the color.
    L A

  11. Love it!!!! I adore all those colors together! So pretty! :)

  12. Gorgeous outfit, and sooo pretty and feminine, and a bit nostalgic with the parasol - thanks to the art you've added too. :) Our summers are short and mild here, but I am the one who always looks for shade too. Fare skin - too easy to burn. Maybe I'll find a parasol too. :) Actually, the last umbrella that I bought recently, can be used for both rain and UV protection. And it has BUTTERFLIES on it! :) :) :) Love

  13. Great way to wear the sundress/skirt with a shirt! I might get a parasol, too. I might make it a trend in Greece so that's two countries!

  14. You could definitely make a trend happen if anybody can. The parasol is beautiful, but your dress has totally captured my attention!

  15. Sacramento , the Sun umbrella is really so special,
    Love your neo pumps too.m


  16. Wonderful pics, Sacramento, and I love that parasol ! I am sorry I didn't enter Share in style as promised but when I found out it was about pink I was concerned about posting an old outfit as my new one was not pink ! I will enter the next one for sure ! It's just I didn't want to mess up your beautiful collection with another color ! Hope it makes sense ! Kisses

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  17. Hola preciosa!Siempre me han encantado este tipo de sombrillas, me gustaría mucho tener una, a veces hago montajes con las pequeñas y sacos primeros planos geniales!Besos

  18. I want a parasol too now! And who cares what people think, be you :) love it

  19. Last Summer I had a HUGE golf umbrella that I took to baseball games and the likes. I didn't look as chic as you, but I didn't sunburn either. :o)

    I like wearing a big floppy hat to block the sun too!


  20. Parasols should definitely be a trend. Look how pretty you look under the filtered light.

  21. mwahaha, yo también estaba buscando un parasol chino de ese estilo, sobre todo desde que ví a Desirée (pull your socks up!) llevando uno!, me pareció una idea excelente para protegerse del sol, y yo soy muy fanática de la protección solar y de los sombreros, pero se me vuelan!
    Es un accesorio útil y glamuroso, y me encanta tu selección de imágenes para acompañarlo!. Y qué precioso es tu vestido, estás Estupendísima!!!
    besos sombreados

  22. Yes please! I adore parasols! such an elegant way to shade yourself, and trends start, yes to the parasol trend! x x x

  23. Beautiful parasol, and sensible too - I am very fair and burn easily, so I am a shade-seeker too! xxx

  24. The BEST thing about visiting China and Japan was learning the value of a good parasol. I actually DO carry one (ok, it's an umbrella, but that's what they really use), and I think everyone should in the summer.

  25. I think that´s sooooo cool!!! In so many countries that´s normal, so we all must let it be normal in our coutries as well! You have started dear.. now we should follow ;)

    have a nice and SUNNY week
    Dana :)


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