14 de diciembre de 2015

Skirt over Skirt / Falda sobre Falda

Rebecca made this quilted floral skirt for herself a few months ago. I loved it, but I had to admire it from the distance, being far too small and short for me. Today, I decided to dare and wear it high waisted over a brown pencil skirt. I had already tried a mini skirt over a dress, hahaha What do you think?
Rebecca se hizo esta falda de flores guateada hace unos meses. Me encantó; aunque tenía que admirarla en la distancia ya que es demasiado pequeña y corta para mí, pero hoy me atrevo con ella poniéndomela de cintura alta sobre una falda lápiz marrón. Después de todo ya lo había hecho antes con una mini sobre un vestido, ¿Qué opinas?


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  1. This is a great idea - I have been getting rid of shorter skirts/dresses recently as I don't feel comfortable in them anymore so it might be a way of keeping the ones I love the most!

  2. Love this skirt over slip look! You're a stunner as per always. xox


  3. splendidly look! lovely, very lovely! :)


  4. wow! I could think it's acrually two skirts as they mix perfectly! I love floral patterns on you - I think flowers suit you being gentle and attractive

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  5. Fabulous outfit! I love the daisy corsage!

    Emma xxx

  6. Que gran idea, estas magnifica y la falda floral es impactante! Un abrazo amiga.

  7. thanks so much!! you can find us on Instagram @saci_cfc : https://www.instagram.com/saci_cfc/
    and @kavasikinga_cfc: https://www.instagram.com/kavasikinga_cfc/

  8. Genious! I just figured out how to deal with one dress and skirt! You are such an inspiration! This green and green looks great!

  9. Great idea Sacramento , one I think I will make use of along the way.The colours are great on you , looking stunning as always.

  10. I love this layered look and the pattern mixing is brilliant. I've learned so much from you!

  11. I think it's fantastic! The colors and patterns work so brilliantly together too.

  12. Of course I love the style, the slip and all of the flowers, great look!
    Thanks for linking up to Turning heads Tuesday
    Happy Holiday
    Jess xx

  13. I think it's brilliant. I have a denim skirt, which I love, but it's way too BIG on me. If I layer it over another skirt...the possibilities are endless. Thank you, Rebecca!


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