3 de julio de 2015

Denim on Denim and Pearls by the Bougainvillea

A friend of my sister´s idea of heaven is a place full of delicious cakes. For my sister, it is a wonderful garden in bloom. To me, definitely it would be about clothes and beautiful things to wear; an endless flea market with treasures to discover and friends who also speak the language. You know what I mean, hahaha.
What is your idea of heaven?
Para un amigo de mi hermana el cielo es un lugar lleno de pasteles deliciosos. Para mi hermana, un maravilloso jardín en flor. Para mí, definitivamente iría de ropa y cosas bonitas que ponerse. Un mercadillo interminable con tesoros por descubrir y amig@s que hablan el mismo lenguaje. Ya sabéis lo que quiero decir, jajaja.
¿Cúal es tu idea del paraiso?

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  1. you look chich and groovy!!


  2. Coincidimos las dos con un look vaquero. Me encanta tu idea de llevarlo con perlas, como siempre maravillosa amiga! Un besazo.

  3. So beautiful, I love the added pearls!! An art gallery would be heaven and wearing some fancy arty outfit while there too!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. You have beautiful pearls, love ... regards, Have a nice day ...

  5. que hermooosa me encntan!!
    cuantas perlas!! las quiero todas <3

  6. Pero qué guapa te veo! Bufff, mi paraíso sería de lo más variado, creo que no habría hueco para tanto.
    Besos :)

  7. I think I have been there alreay. It is called the Max Mara outlet in Turin haha.
    You are looking terrific. And you have a cleavage.... Sexy lexy.

  8. Oh, that's a wonderful pearl collection. They certainly bring out the beauty of the denim and the denim brings out the beauty of the pearls. There's a chance we would run into each other in our little versions of heaven. That would make heaven even better.

  9. You are very close to my own version of heaven. Denim. Pearls. And a picnic by the sea! Adore the skirt.

  10. Oh this is such a fantastic outfit, Sacramento! Just love it with a bunch of pearls. I think to me it's travel, exploring, discovering. I always crave exploring! xxxxx

  11. Loving the pearls and fierce shooooes! XXX

  12. I really like the combination of the dark denim blouse and the pearls!

  13. wow! it is genius!!! amazing look! :)


  14. Fantastic look

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  15. Denim and pearls is EVERYTHING!!!! AND your hair is FABBBULOUS!!! So obsesssssssed with your outfit!!! SOOO GLAM! SOOOO COOL! Sooo badass!!!!
    LOVVVVE ya! Happy weekend!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  16. Love your combination of pearls and denim. I think my idea of heaven is flowers, fashion and a meeting of friends.

  17. A place of freedom and acceptance! and Democracy because I'm Greek and it's Referendun Sunday.

  18. Siempre hermosa!!!!!!!!!
    Gracias por tu amistad!!!
    Buen comienzo de semana!!!:)))
    Besos, Marcela♥

  19. One of my favourite outfits from you dear friend!! You look so fabulous and exude good vibes! I loved the embroidery inspiration you posted today, I didn't manage to leave a comment :-) hope everything is good, I'll write to you soon my friend!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  20. This outfit is heavenly. The skirt you are wearing is absolutely fabulous, I really like the details on the back. Well done, fantastic DIY.

    You look very chic in this all denim styling...and very feminine!

    My idea of a heaven is strolling in the nature, perhaps near some waterfalls, dressed in an extravagant gown with lots of accessories and crazy make up.

  21. I just loved seeing this outfit on Instagram!! I've thought of it quite a bit actually. :o) "Self", I said, "you really need to do that denim dress refashion so you can dress up like Sacramento."


  22. Denim with pearls! How beautiful! A wonderful combination that I'm going to remember for future reference. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  23. My idea of heaven is a beautiful kitchen filled with food, wine, music, and friends. And books. I would have books in my heavenly kitchen.

    I love denim with pearls. It's the perfect mash-up.


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