27 de febrero de 2011

Sweet, Sweet Fruit

Fruit are not only the ones we know as such: apples, bananas, grapes, pears… But also all the vegetables with seeds  inside: tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc.
The fruit is the end of a long labour of trees and bushes, and a hopeful beginning  in their pregnant seeds.
Following the seasons,  and buying what the land produces locally,  is the best way of keeping in touch with nature.
Fruta no es sólo la que conocemos como tal: manzanas, plátanos, uvas, peras...sino también todas las verduras que contienen semillas en su interior: tomates, calabacines, berenjenas, calabazas, pepinos, etc. La fruta es el producto final del duro y árduo trabajo de árboles y arbustos; y el comienzo esperanzado de las  semillas que la preñan.
Seguir el ritmo de las estaciones y consumir lo que la tierra produce en nuestra localidad, es la mejor forma de permanecer en contacto con la naturaleza.
                    Sweet, sweet fruit everywhere...
I made this cotton jumper a while ago  and today,  I have decided that it was time to wake it up from its lethargy,  and paired it with my husband´s  yellow shirt,  this vintage skirt found on Ebay, and my old biker boots.
Hice este jersey de algodón hace algún tiempo y hoy he decidido que ya era hora de despertarlo de su letargo para  acompañar a la camisa  de mi marido,  a esta falda vintage que encontré en Ebay y a mis viejas botas biker.

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Ruby Tuesday dijo...

You have brought some wonderful Spanish sunshine to my morning xx
As for the posting frequency .. I used to post daily on my old blog ..but I now that I am busier I find that sometimes impossible also very difficult to keep up with others I prefer one every few days or weekly so that I don't miss one and can comment properly xx

Jane dijo...

Hola, que alegre el conjunto, eres una artista haciendo jerseys!!!! pues yo prefiero entradas a diario porque asi te visito más, pero eso depende un poco de las circunstancias de cada uno!! besitos

Nana dijo...

I love the jumper and skirt! Lovely!! I'd love to wear fruit prints. my answer is C maybe? sometimes B :) xx

Polka Princess dijo...

Love the way you've used your husband's shirt......& the fruit jumper is way too cute! :)

I think there should be at least 2 posts a week.....that's what I try to do..... :))

Kitty dijo...

re: posting frequency, I think you should blog as often as it suits you! For me it goes according to how busy I am and how many fresh ideas I have.xx.

Katie dijo...

Post when you feel inspired to and whenever fits your schedule! :)

Lidia dijo...

Si fueran platános estarias en total sincronia con prada eh??? jeje

FASHIÓN (con acento) dijo...

La piña es muy graciosa!! jajajaja

Respecto a tu pregunta, sólo decirte q a mí me gusta q lo decidas tú misma. Que te apetece 1 o 2 a la semana, perfecto! Que prefieres uno al día, pues también genial!

Personalmente me parece mejor escribir cuando apetece y hay ganas de comunicar algo especial, q cada menos tiempo y por "obligación". Pero esto es sólo mi opinión.

Feliz domingo!!

Pearl Westwood dijo...

Your talents never fail to amaze me, what a wonderful jumper!!!

I tend to post everyday or every other day. Some people like to read daily and others have less time so prefer to read once or twice a week. I don't think it matters really, people will read when they have time, and everyones spare time differs! Hope that is helpful xx

Vintage Vixen dijo...

Another fabulous creation, a joy to behold! I can feel the Spanish sunshine on my back just looking at you.
I post whenever I feel inspired, mostly daily. xxx

Rebeccak dijo...

Fabulous as always - I love the way you interpret runway trends!

I am finding I'm getting busier this time of year and only reading blogs a few times a week - so 2 or 3 is good. But surely it depends on you and your time?!

Lynn dijo...

Hola guapísima,
Muy buen look, me gusta mucho la combinación que has hecho. Las botas me han encantado y con lo de la camisa de tu marido me has dado una idea genial ya que mi chico creo que iba a tirar dos, ya le he dicho que ni se le ocurra.


Lynn dijo...

se me había olvidado, yo suelo postear dos veces a la semana (es el tiempo del que dispongo) pero un blog es totalmente personal, así que la frecuencia que la ponga cada uno.


Pam @ over50feeling40 dijo...

Sacramento, you are fresh off the Spring Runway!! I noticed that designer Stella McCartney was featuring "fruit inspired" looks for spring...you are the cutting edge, my dear! I love the way you put it together!

De Vero dijo...

You always surprize me with your mixes. This with the frutis is one of my favorites from you ;)It spreads so much summer feeling. And the color selection is so cool!
I would say B or C as answer of your question!

Mil besos!


paz dijo...

no te conocía pero te sigo ya¡¡¡
Me gusta tu blog¡¡¡
Respecto a cuantos posts tú eres quien decide,hay ´´epocas que te apetece escribir más a menudo y otras menos¡¡
un abrazo

Lee Oliveira dijo...

You can pretty much any kind of inspiration.
Your spanish bubbly personalty suits those clothes perfectly..
I love your pineapple jumper.. lol
Lee x

Anika http://www.byanika.com dijo...

Guapa Sacramento, thank you for being you and making my life happier! I just shared this on fb, I love your blog and am always waiting for the next post :) Seing you always makes me smile. <3 As for how often to post, do what feels good for you! For me I have decided on 3-4 times a week, leaving time for my readers to catch up. I find posting every other day is a good rythm for me. How ever often or seldom you choose to post please know that we are here. Big besos for you! <3

La Dama dijo...

que bonito sweater y con frutas para comensar el dia con sol tan bonito.
eres genial amor.

La Dama dijo...

oh se me olvido decir..I mi gusta postirar diario y cuando tengo ideas eh inspiraciones bonitas..pero pienso que para entretener a los seguidores 3 por semana estaria bien.
C .- 3 por semana
D.- Uno cada día.

"La MoDe" c'est un secret dijo...

Los mejores postson aquellos que decides compartir cuando te lo `pide el cuerpo.....Por mi puedes postear cuando haya un momento que te lo pida.....Un saludo!

Ofelia dijo...

Sacramento, you look "fruitilicious"!!! I know how hard it is to post 4 or 5 times a week for that reason I believe you should post when you are able and when your busy lives allow you to.
I'll read it any time you post.
Que tenga una buena semana y se ve muy guapa!

jill815 dijo...

I love the sweater you made, you are really talented. Do you still knit? I also love the cuff bracelets.

I try to post twice a week but it's hard with kids, husband, house.

Andreea dijo...

I love fruits so much(i'm actually eating tons every day) but i would love them even more if i had a dress or a skirt or even a beautiful sweater as yours with a fruit print! You are stunning my dear:)
I don't know what to say about the question...of course i would love to read your blog everyday but sometimes there isn't enough time for updating so often...or no inspiration. I think you should post as often as you feel you should.


Comtesse de ferveur dijo...

Gorgeous outfit full of sunshine! I am loving all the fruit motifs in the SS'11 collections too.Regular posting is my only wish for blogs I love - I started to follow so many blogs where it ended up that the owners haven't posted for weeks or months, without a word! I think it's fine for blogging to work around however busy a week one is having.

That's Not My Age dijo...

Love the skirt and the fruity top you knitted. I try to post a couple of times a week but sometimes it's hard when I'm busy at work. Keep on blogging!


That's Not My Age dijo...

Love the skirt and the fruity top you knitted. I try to post a couple of times a week but sometimes it's hard when I'm busy at work. Keep on blogging!


Absolutely Mrs. K dijo...

wow girl, what a compliment, it makes my day. love your look, you look so colorful. And those accessories, just absolutely amazing. Love the way how you combine colors, there should be more people like you, life would be so much less dull.

Monroe Steele dijo...

i love that skirt and all your bangles. Great post. I love fruit my favorite is mango. I think posted every other day or 4x a week is good. I post almost everyday or every other day. I think its hard for people to catch up if you post more than once a day though.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Stef / Diversions dijo...

Love the fruit theme you got going on :)

I have mixed feelings about posting schedules. I'd like to say post whenever you have content and don't let a schedule get in the way but that would make me rather the hypocrit because I've been posting every second day since the end of October last year. Sometimes I worry that I'll trick myself in putting quantity before quality.

If you post it we'll read it :D

PS: I follow your feed - sorry to be such a lazy commenter lately :)

MyStyle dijo...

Hello there!! What a uniquely wonderful sweater, its totally gorgeous-even more because it is handmade!! It looks fabulous with your skirt and a great look to add those biker boots!! I don't really post daily, only recently I have, generally its about 3-4 times a week. Thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by, wishing you a good week ahead too xx

Sara dijo...

¿Pero como es posible que hagas esos jerseys? Este es monisimo!! Y la falda está muy muy muy chula :D
Sobre las entradas... yo creo que con 2 o 3 a la semana va bien ¿no? Me divido entre B y C jijiji
Mil besossssss!

Marta dijo...

you look so sweet!!! ^^

Mary ❤ Mur dijo...

♥i love your blog so much♥

ypu have very cute style!&)

melina bee dijo...

have you ever seen the book fruits about japanese street fashion?

I think it's more about post quality than quantity, I'd rather see one really good post a week than 3 okay ones. That being said, I think blogging once a day is too much.

The Elegant Bohemian dijo...

Sacramento....absolutely beautiful! The whole thing just WORKS!! Did I read that correctly? You MADE the jumper?! That's incredible! As for posting frequency, I try about 3 times a week, but actually really don't want to have any rules about it. It can be very time consuming and I want to make sure that I'm enjoying it and that it's not becoming a job. ~Serene

melina bee dijo...

this is the book, fruits, I mentioned: http://www.amazon.com/Fruits-Shoichi-Aoki/dp/0714840831/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298842405&sr=1-1

masQmay dijo...

Llegó la primavera a Mis Papelicos!!! Pura vitamina!!!

Kavery dijo...

Quality over quantity any day. I prefer to post 3 times a week.

Pull Your Socks Up! dijo...

Hello sweetie,
What a clever knitter you are - I definitely need a knitted vest with fruit on it too - so beautiful!!!! YOU are beautiful my friend, what a lovely post:)))). My blogging frequency changes ... I had no camera, then no computer for a while ... but that's changed in the past couple of weeks. On average, I'm posting about twice a week.
By the way, I bought my Wings on Amazon.com - I really, really hope you get a pair too - we can be Wing mates! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Helga! dijo...

Darling,you look so cheerful and quite edible!!! That's a sublime skirt,and I think I quite fancy some fruity prints right now!
Thank you for your lovely words of support in recent times.You are a doll,and it's been very appreciated!
Personally,I like to try and post everyday;I figure it's the least I can do for those who are wonderful enough to read my blog and comment frequently! I get peeved when a favourite blog doesn't post for weeks on end.I just don't bother going back.At least once a week is a happy medium,I think.

Enamodeuse dijo...

Me parece superdivertida la tendencia de frutas para el verano, a ver si lo vamos a ver a menudo por tiendas^^

saludos desde enamodeuse.blogspot.com

AMINTA dijo...

Mmmmm me esta dando hambre jejeje!! Me encanta tu blusa es una monada... muero por ver tu armario Sacramento :) besooooos

Cloud of Secrets dijo...

Ah, you make me hungry for some juicy cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, clementines...

I think 2-3 entries a week is just right. Unfortunately, I have been so busy and my household has been so ill with various sicknesses that I have dropped down to 1-2 times a week.

There's no way I can keep up with daily posters, and I certainly can't comment on all of their entries. I do enjoy some daily posters, but I might only comment on 1 in every 3 entries.

Terri dijo...

the skirt and sweater seem like they were made to go together. As for frequency in posting, it may depend on YOUR goals in blogging. I've tried to post daily simply because it is a new blog still trying to establish itself. My sense it that you have been posting about once a week, although I would willingly read more often than that. One drawback to posting as frequently as I have...it's hard to keep up with the all the blogs I want to read.

Judith dijo...

I am always amazed by your sense of color and your talent. Post and I will read! The Style Crone

My Heart Blogged dijo...

I post everyday. I love blogging, and it's a great outlet.
My Heart Blogged

mode. dijo...

oh, i love these fruit looks. they are perfect for you- fun and colorful and full of life- literally! i Try to post at least once a week... don't always make it..
<3 mode.

Faboulista dijo...

i would say that 3 times a week is a good updating frequency. you want to always give your readers something to read but you dont want to overwhelem them with posts either. plus its always important to have original content which u always do, so if you can do it every day and still keep that then kudos to you.

Tracy dijo...

No sabía ese nuevo concepto de fruta, pero bienvenido sea.

the Citizen Rosebud dijo...

What a good question, Sacramento. It's hard to answer. I am so overwhelmed by the ever-climbling blogroll, so too frequent a posting schedule means I'll never get caught up. But too infrequent and I forget to check back. For me one or two posts of week is just right. But I of course have waaaay too much to say than to squeeze into a mere 2 blog posts a week. And like my foods, I like to keep my subjects separate- so I don't squish them together in one foggy post.
That said, I'm wondering how many posts YOU like to read a week from a blogger, and how many post YOU feel comfortable posting.
the Citizen Rosebud

MyStyle dijo...

Hi my dear-have added you too! xx

Carys dijo...

Awesome outfit, I love it!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

SabinePsynopsis dijo...

I love your fruity outfit, Sacramento. Very impressed by your sweater! Re frequency... I go witgh the flow, sometimes every day, but sometimes onely 2 or 3 times a week. I try not to stress over blogging. xo

Grit and Glamour dijo...

That sweater is adorable! I love the shape!

RE: Posting. 2-3 times a week, max, I say.



IMAN dijo...

I think that posting three or four times a week is a good idea. I would really love to do it everyday, but I just don't have the time. You look delicious by the way.

Patricia_Alejandra dijo...

Me encanta el estampado de frutas..me da sensación de primavera!! yo actualizo cuando tengo tiempo en ocasiones me gustaría poder pasar mas tiempo por aquí pero se me hace imposible..

Emilia dijo...

wow you have a wonderful unique style!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted dijo...

Dear Sacramento, what gorgeous colours and prints. Love your knitted pineapple top.

I used to post more than once a day but I think it's too hard for people to keep up with so I've gone to once a day. I will now give myself a day off at the weekend but I never did when I first started.

I love your posts so any amount would be welcome. Love C xx

nookie dijo...

great job dear, the sweater is lovely! about posting, I think it depends on your schedule, post whenever you have time!

costra y ampolla dijo...

Me encanta el look sacramento!!!

yo digo que postees dos veces a la semana!


Annebeth dijo...

yummy fruitprint! this really makes me yearn for summer!

MARY dijo...

Hola preciosaaaa!!! Me encanta la fruta, toda, creo que podría alimentarme solamente de fruta mmmmm.

Y me gusta tanto que me encanta verla estampada en la ropa, es muyyyyy divertido, y me parece divino tu velocidad a la hora de plasmar las tendencias que apenas han pisado la calle a tu guardaropa... eres una máaaquina.

A mi me encanta postear tres veces a la semana, y me encantaría tener tiempo para ello, pero a veces es imposible... así que lo mejor es hacerlo cuando uno pueda, siempre que tengas algo interesante que contar.

Besazosssssssssss guapetona.


Zarna dijo...

i always buy fruit & vegetables that are in season, my brother is a wonderful cook (he has his own blog www.viveksepicureanadventures.com) and so we love to experiment with food!

i love your beautiful outfit and on posting - i aim for 2-3 times a week!

FashionFreak dijo...

Pero qué bonito, frutal y alegre esa camiseta-jersey! Eres toda una artista, lo que yo daría por saber calcetar! Y mira que intenté aprender varias veces, porque mi madre es también una crack de las agujas, pero no tengo suficiente paciencia. Bueno, por lo menos pude aprender a coser y se me da bien, algo es algo!
Me encanta tu look tan veraniego ya, hay que ponerle un poco de color al frío invierno (al menos por aquí, menudo frío!!!).

Y sí, supongo que sí las últimas semanas estaba tan agotada es por culpa de tantas reglas, debo de tener una anemia tremenda! Pero bueno, ya fui al ginecólogo y físicamente estoy bien, así que es todo psicológico, del estrés, la ansiedad o lo que sea. Ahora tengo que esperar una semana para hacérme análisis de sangre y a ver si tengo anemia y me recetan algo. Mientras intentaré descansar y llevarlo lo mejor que pueda, que hace dos semanas me asusté mucho: iba cayéndome por las esquinas del agotamiento :(

1 beso!

rings dijo...

Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .
Scarves Scarves
hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
Titanium Necklaces

Katjusha sleepless in Berlin dijo...

holaaa! wow i like the combination between the colourful skirt and the cowboy-like boots! Not to mention your cute fruit jumper :D

how do the people in your city react on your outfits?! In Berlin it's not easy to wear WHATEVER you want since people really stare at you. It disturbs me but we have just one life, that's why i dont care :D

greetz from berlin!

wardrobeexperience dijo...

very delicious outfit. love it.

post as often you like! blogging should be fun - not a business.


Annushka dijo...

Very beautifully, brightly, you are so nice me it very much inspires, you a muse!!!))) love, love, love!!!

lady sélénite dijo...

what a wonderful post ! your are a knitting artist ! your outfit is beautiful and fresh ! I try to make 2 posts in a week, I haven't time to do more, and I think that I have to live in real life to have things to show on my posts !

Roz dijo...

You always interpret catwalk trends and photos in the most creative ways possible! I noticed the prevalence of fruit on the catwalk too - gives everything rather a zesty feel. I took lots of photos of apples last autumn, and would love to do some kind of look inspired by them.


Sue dijo...

Si la verdad es que ahora los estampados frutales están por todas partes!

Lo de postear, no sabría decirte la verdad.
Como tu quieras!
Yo encantada de leerte!

Fashion Mom dijo...

waw! this is amazing!! that fruit jumper is amazing ! you look so cool , i love it x

Fashion Mom dijo...

waw! this is amazing!! that fruit jumper is amazing ! you look so cool , i love it x

agnes dijo...

tu est magnifique, alors là j'adore toutes ces couleurs
Superbes les photos

Beckerman Girls dijo...

Lovin' your sweeet sweet delicious post!!! I can't believe you knit thta sweater!!! You are an incredible knitter!!!! And I love the one you made with the clouds too, that was sooo special!!! The pineapple and cherries are sooooo fab and that Stella McCartney collection fruit pieces were off the charts AMAZZZING! You should check out YSL--they once did cherries!!! yummy!
kisses and lots of fruity love
xoThe Beckerman Girls


RETRO REVA dijo...

You look wonderful and so springy!
I too am wondering how often to post!
so many others have told me that once a day, then the week-ends off is a good way to "keep up" with the stats.
But that isn't what my blog is, and I hardly posted in February.. I wonder if other's have lost interest because of the infrequency? also, I have a tough time keeping up with comments as well. If you came up with the magic number, please let me know ;)
thanks for always being such a supportive and wonderful lady.
love to you as always!

Colleen dijo...

You are so creative! I love this outfit, it's daring and bold like a sunny spring day! You look fabulous!

As for posting, I generally post a couple times a week but have been having a lazy spell lately...I blame it on spring fever! We still have heaps of snow outside and I am longing for the sunshine!:)

Have a beautiful day Sacremento!

Fashion Fabrice dijo...

Hi there darling! i love the fruit looks on the catwalk! that jumper you made is really nice! We're hosting a giveaway on our blog! Come and take a look and participate if you like:)


MARiZA Munich, Germany dijo...

Hello lovely :)!

i really like your blog! looks so nice....your blog inspired me!!!

i follow you! Please follow me too! Thanks & Kisses ;)

Wish you a great start in the new week :)

with love

Hope Adela Pasztor dijo...

that is such a fun sweater! i love how you mixed up the prints and paired them with the classic oversized gold jewelry!


thejerseygem.com dijo...

Thank you for your lovely comments as always Sacramento!! I'm really pleased you enjoyed the video! :)

I LOVE fruit so much, if it was the only food in the world I wouldn't mind one bit because I could eat it all day long! I think your hand-knitted jumper is so cute paired with your husbands shirt!

& I don't mind how much you post, just as long as you love what you do, it's up to you at the end of the day! :) Nowadays I only get to read blogs here and there and commenting i've limited to a few a day or once a week. Obviously it depends whats going on in your life and whatever works for you!
Hugs from Jersey xoxo

Vanessa dijo...

I'm a D... or at least I'm nearly a D. I post between 5 and 7 times a week. Usually at least 6 times. I try to photograph every outfit, but I have been letting myself take it a little easier in the last few weeks because I've had a lot of stress at work lately.
I love your fruity outfit!

joshylola dijo...

ay me encanta el jersey, vas original y muy guapa.en cuanto a la frecuencia...no sé...yo no sigo una...siempre que algo me gusta y lo quiero compartir :-D


maravillosa tu pinta muy a la moda el jersey es una preciosidad, siempre estas al dia, en cuanto a la continuidad con la que postees la verdad no importa, visitarte siempre es un placer y una guia de moda, las circunstancias determinan cada cuanto puede uno postear sin obligaciones solo por disfrutar tanto como disfrutamos viniendo a visitarte, que tengas un calido y bello dia.

Lidia dijo...

Muchas gracias!

Soccer Mom Style dijo...

yummy and cute!

I know that the unwritten rule of blogging is to try to post often (daily), but somehow I can't manage to do it with everything that goes on in life.
I agree with Pearl, it really doesn't matter. I follow some blogs that post daily, and then others that post maybe once a week. So just think what you would like to do, what's convenient for you and what you feel comfortable with.

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage dijo...

hmmm, i say its up to you.
i dont really post unless i have something to say or share, otherwise i feel as if im just waisting time.
so save time and you can do less post, but make them more special!

and you are brilliant! love your outfit, very stella!


jamie-lee dijo...

WOW you made that? sooo cool! As for how often to post, just do whatever feels right to you, there is no right or wrong answer x

Démo Forever dijo...

pues está muy bien hecho porque tejer dibujos no es lo más fácil.
Un saludo!

señora Allnut dijo...

genial combinación de colores/estampados, esas botas amarillo-mostaza me fascinan totalmente, y te veo estupenda en este colorido!
Y por mí, puedes ser todo lo irregular que quieras, porque lo que importa es esta calidad que mantienes, y es lo más interesante!!
besos a montones

thatdamngreendress dijo...

oh, I'm so behind on my comments- this is absolutely deee-licious!

Happy to read whatever frequency- I try for twice a week, but don't always succeed- the days go by so fast...

Heather Fonseca dijo...

I love the fruit sweater over the yellow shirt - it just looks wonderful. I think I might try to copy you, only I don't have a sweater like that!

I think you should post as often as you like. Your photos are so much fun it's always a delight to see what you're wearing.

Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving the comments you do. I appreciate it so much!


mar dijo...

holaaaa esta señora erse tu? un besuco

modniza dijo...

you are great woman!besos

The Style Glossary dijo...

I'm just so happy I found your blog because now every time I visit your site I'm hit with massive inspiration from your truly unique style! I adore how you wear trends yet manage to make it totally yourself. :)

I try to post every other day or at least 3 times a week but lately I've been really busy with other projects, so I haven't been posting as often. And I always prefer quantity over quality!
xx Nina

Alice in vintageland dijo...

I love fruits! I post two-three times a week on my handmade blog and almost everyday on my other blog (but I have help with both of them - my sister). Besos

the freelancer's fashionblog dijo...

Those pine cones work great with the apples.

I think C, for me at least, but that of course depends on the blogger and the readers, just liek you wrote later on :)

SoapyMermaid dijo...

great i love your style simply sublime

sacramento dijo...

Thank you so much for each and everyone of your kind comments.


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