6 de enero de 2011

Plaid and Polka Dots


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  1. All the details of the outfit are beautiful!

  2. Very poetic Saramento!! Yes I agree and I think the 'gods' do not like it one bit. Gone are the days where we would have to wait eagerly for the magazines to give us a taste of the next season, now we have all in our hands via the internet. Blogs let us showcase our own sence of style, influnce and inspire us, we no longer need the increasingly monotonous editorials showing full collection looks (we have seen the runway after all). But I do think the fashion editors are working with this, reaching further with some of the editorial content (thank you Grace Coddington)and we are also seeing more street-style work. The content of magazines is seeming somewhat stale to me, every year they dust off the same 'themes' I think this is a challenging time and they really need to give us more!

  3. OMG who is that woman? she looks so amamzing pretty for her age!

    You have a new follower x


  4. I love the combination of plaid and spots. That bag is also amazing! Fashion could be said to be in a process of 'democratisation' (Oh dear, you can tell I'm a Politics student!) but I think it will be a lot longer before the 'gods' will truly accept fashion bloggers. After all, this was a struggle from below, rather than a reassessment from above.

  5. I absolutely agree - the internet and blogs have revolutionised fashion in a big way.
    I dont look to designers or magazines for inspiration - I look towards other bloggers. People I can communicate with directly through this medium. I lean towards vintage and sewing blogs mostly as I find they are even more inspiring than those that buy from chain or high end stores.
    To me there is no luxury in buying a brand name. To me, luxury is finding or creating an item that no one else will have. That is true individuality I think. :-)

  6. I totally agree! Street style has always been my inspiration but even the fashion mags have started to embrace it now.
    Blogs are my biggest inspiration, there aren't many stylish and inventive peopel where I live, just sheep following the latest trend in a half-hearted manner.
    You look glorious, brave, exciting and beautiful. That bag is incredible. I love it. xxx

  7. You look sublime! I just love that gorgeous handbag customised by your daughter, it's intriguing! Re: fashion as it operates now, magazines are finally threatened by the blogosphere and it is good for them. They need to be kept on their toes, to avoid stasis. xxx Comtesse xxx

  8. I adore your outfit, the bad is the best!

    I absolutely agree that fashion bloggers are the way forward. though I am not completely optimistic either, a lot of what you see on blogs is still based on what the people at the top decree, and there's so much coopting of bloggers going on. but then you just have to search out the truly individual bloggers for some real inspiration!

  9. So great words! You look absoultly fabolous! I like the polkadots shirt and all the details in this outfit!
    I don't even remember the last time I bought a fashion magazine. The blogs and the street fashion is more inspiring then ever. And what I like most about it is that I can see real and normal people not some fairy tail models with size 0 or done with photoshop. So I vote for the blogers ;)

    Muchos besos para ti!


  10. Pues pienso que en un mundo que tiende a la uniformidad, todo lo que sea individualismo es como un soplo de aire fresco.
    Quizás `por eso me gustas tú y tu estilismo y en el de hoy concretamente: el bolso, el collar y los guantes.
    Enhorabuena, no cambies.

  11. The bag is fabulous, what a wonderful Christmas gift! I agree with everything Pearl has said above; I still enjoy magazines but I find bloggers much more original, creative, honest and inclusive.

  12. Sacramento, YES! I can't tell you how tired I am of designers and boutiques peddling an image over substance. The prices for these is so far past ridiculous as to be absurd! The only disappointing thing that I see now is that the industry is now trying (often successfully) to infiltrate blogs. I love you unique style....it completely expresses who you are and inspires me to do the same! ~Seren

  13. esa bolsa..que creativa ..me imagino una con la virgen Guadalupana..el collar esta de marvilla..polka dots muy clasica...todo tu ropa me gusta.. me gustaria que te pongas mas pintura..te lo dejo de tarea.:)

  14. Dear Sacramento, you look stunning. I love the necklace (you should make and sell them! I would buy them from you!) and the bag is divine!

    In answer to your comment I would love to let you loose on my wardrobe I know you would do something amazing with it with your inspired combinations. Love, Christina xx

  15. Tengo una camisa casi igual es de Colci de hace unos 4 años, me encanta, me la puse tanto que creo que me cansé un poco de ella. pero la adoro!.
    El bolso me parece una pasada, esos regalos son los mejores.
    Te han traido muchas cositas los Reyes?

    Mil besosssssssss


  16. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo. Ayer estaba viendo algunas fotos mías de hace más de 10 años,andaba yo muy a la moda de ese momento... ¡pero me veía mucho mayor de lo que era entonces! Creo que me veo mejor ahora, que ya no hay una "tendencia" rígida que seguir (y que por lo demás, no me interesaría seguir) ¡Felíz día de Reyes!

  17. Sobre las frases que has puesto a principio del post. Pues si, yo no me considero muy arriesgada aunque para algunas rancias debo serlo. Y la gente mucho más arriesgada y creativa con la moda que yo (por desgracia es una minoría)que a veces me encuentro por las calles, me inspira y me hace confiar en que la moda no está muerta tras el imperio Inditex, que todavía podemos soñar con piezas únicas y con personalizar los looks con un estilo especial fuera de las masas.

    Gracias por esta reflexión...

  18. Gorgeous skirt and love your shoes too! :)

    Photoshop is very dear unless you can get your hands at a discounted copy but I've seen knock offs of the program online which should allow you to make the edits I talked about. I'll have a look around and get back to you with a link :)

  19. love your necklace! and such a cool bag! thanks for your comment :] we should be putting up another post in a couple days! so come back to check us out then :}

    xo, camilla & valerie

  20. que razon tienes....Por supuesto tu eres una de esas personas que aun saben expresarse mediante su ropa....Un beso muy fuerte!

  21. love it, so perfect


  22. adore, adore, adore! i love the way you have combined the pieces! i am a little bit obssesed over various patterns combination, but i feel a bit of lack of confidence when it comes to trying this on myself indeed! ohh, and i am so deeply in love with your bag!

  23. as you might know, i'm a maniac for pattern mixing. this outfit is sooo amazing! love it, love it, love it.#


  24. What a great combination of polka dots and plaid! I've been standing behind my closet yesterday and was thinking about mixing my woolen plaid skirt and polka doted sweater. Never done it though, but after this post I'm feeling inspired enough to try again.
    And I agree with you. I'm pretty sure that the future of the fashion is in street style and fashion blogging (and it's awesome))))

  25. The necklace is wonderful! It has the wheels in my brain turning... Just what did your daughter do the bag? Is it the embellishment she added? Well done.

  26. I love the way that you mixed your patterns...the polka dots add such a fun touch to the outfit!! Love the look!

  27. its been a few years now that we have taken more control over "fashion" and the magazines are now just pretty pictures--no more determining hem length! But I still like the glossies, and hope they, too, can inspire.
    Love your plaid and polkadots! Keep up the good work! Paula

  28. What fabulous pattern mixing- so bold. love the colors... Such a unique outfit. I love all the detailing and your way with words, and your Christmas presents are fabulous.

  29. Creo que ese río de tendencias al que te refieres somos los bloggers, la gente empieza a mirar más los blogs de moda que las revistas, al mundo le va a interesar más las interpretaciones que hagan las bloggers de moda... ese es el futuro, le pese a quien le pese. Hay mucho más individualismo, más creatividad y más atrevimiento en la red que en cualquier otro sitio.

    Mil besos.

  30. para mi es maravilloso que la gente de cualquier edad, color y sabor se anime a lucir como realmente le apetezca, sin tapujos ni convenciones sociales. el mundo sería más feliz si todos desarrolláramos nuestra individualidad en el vestir!

  31. Me encanta los lunares! Que flamenquita! Que collar mas fabuloso!

  32. Suscribo totalmente cada palabra que has escrito!, qué fabulosa manera de decirlo clarito y maravillosamente: ese río de individualismo que siga fluyendo!
    Y además, cómo me gustan esos lunares con el plaid, y esos guantes!, estás divina!
    besos a montones

  33. Sacramento, hola! soy tonio, de the lovely san.
    Es la primera vez que entro a tu blog. es muy inspiracional. tienes un look hyper ecléctico.
    lo que mas me ha gustado es el bolso, esas vibras kitch con toda la parafernalia dentro de el circulo me han calado jondo jondo.
    Te invito a pasarte por mi blog, es una historia de moda, va muy lenta pero le estoy metiendo mucho trabajo me encantaria actualizar diario pero entre el trabajo y esto vamos! que necesito organización, uno de mis deseos de año nuevo.

    Me ha encantado.

    P.d. me he enlazado desde gratis total


  34. Muchas gracias por tu comentario, no sabía que podía tardar en descargarse por el número de entradas, así que trataré de arreglarlo. Yo utilizo de navegador el Iron y la verdad es que descarga muy rápido, pero si con el truco que me has dado funciona mejor, adelante.
    Me ha gustado mucho este post y también tu blog. Ya tienes una seguidora más.


  35. OMG...that BAG!!!!! I've never seen anything like it!!! There's a lil' bambi inside!!! That is so unique and clever, what an amazzzing gift from your daughter! You look sooo SPECTACULAR! Love the mix of polka dots and plaid!!! TOTAL AMAZZZZINGNESS!!! Wanted to wish you a happy happy FRIDAY! IT's the WEEKEND! YAhooo!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  36. Sacramento, Sacramento.

    Me alegro un monton de que te hayas pasado, ten por seguro que me pasaré seguido por tu espacio, por tus papelicos :)

    Ya tengo tres post en mis entradas! Anda que se me cargaba la pagina como tortuga y nadie me decia nada!!! muchas gracias!
    Cualquier otra cosa dimela anda. ;)

    un beso enorme.

  37. This outfit just screams: Style and Pizzaz! I love the green polka dot with the plaid skirt. The belt and the bag are unexpected and completely fun. I would love to raid your closet and help spread the democratization of fashion over in my neighborhood! Let the people's fashion movement begin!

  38. You look fabulous in colours as usual..
    But the mix of textures and patterns looked really well on you
    Lee x

  39. "True fashion trend is now in the heads, minds and hearts of people who dare to express themselves through clothes, and by doing so they inspire others.
    They parade the streets of the world becoming a river of individuality that cannot be stopped."

    What else can I say but AMEN! I am in total agreement, and you are the embodiment of this very concept. I love your boldness, Sacramento. It is such a treat.


  40. I would like to think the poem is true but I don't think 100%. There is still a huge designer craze but this time it's via many bloggers. Still...there is A LOT of individuality out there and you are a perfect example of it. I love the whole outfit so much, the clashing of prints, the amazing bag and the beautiful gloves (which I want) Stunning! <3


  41. i love this look especially the accessories they make such a statement :)

  42. Fabulous. no more words needed! ;-)
    ♥ ♥ ♥


  43. You are killing me soul sister! You know my two favorite prints right now are plaid and polka dots? That I've been trying to work an outfit post pairing the 2 together? YOU look so incredible! Truly a style inspiration!

  44. love it! beautiful post. love your style, lady. thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog. you're the best!
    <3 mode.

  45. WOw the bag is amazing!! I can't believe the details in it!!

  46. i cannot tell you how much i adore your bold and eccentric style...

  47. Beautiful outfit !
    I love the bag, it's so crazy and stylish ! I completly agree with what you say about being unique in fashion. So many people listen to magazines to choose what to wear and don't listen to their heart. The blogosphere is the best way to resist against conformity !

  48. Agreed, Sacramento - it's the democratisation of fashion...much to Tom Ford's horror!

    Another fabulous necklace, there - and the customised bag is beautiful and full of character. Xx

  49. wow such an interesting lady! wonder why didn't I follow you early ? Cool blog! :D Thank you for your words D

  50. Vaya lujazo!!! Guantes de cashemire!!
    A eso aún no he llegado!

    Viva tu imaginación! Y lo bien que te sienta esa blusa verde de lunares!!

    Qué tal se está portando el 2011 contigo? Y los Reyes?

    Muchos besos,

  51. I love this look...
    Amazing bag!


  52. Oh wowwwww! That bag is amazing! I love the little deer scene, it's perfect, i'm quite envious :D xxxx

  53. i don´t even know where to look first, all in one your outfit is amazing!!! you have so many interesting details and i even don´t know where to look first. I think in germany the people tend to dress in nude and grey colours and i really like the fact that you dress so colourful!

    you asked me about the crime dinner: here´s the link http://galadinner.com/

    greetzzz, katjushaaa

  54. Hello Mis Papelicos! I'm Peanut and I own Miss Ruth's Time Bomb, it is a vintage clothing store in Carlisle, PA. I recently used your blog as my "blog of the moment" in my newsletter. I love your style and look. Thanks so much for being you! Keep sharing and doing what you do!


  55. Ooh that Bag !!!
    You always inspire me and I love the necklace as well!

  56. Thank you so much for all your comments and wishes!!! Chic!!!
    You post such lovely things.. Your blog is actually amazing, i love it :)Lovely Details..!

  57. so glad you found me so I could find you, great blog!

  58. i agree with your thoughts - a few fashion houses are no longer those who set the trend. street style bloggers, fashion bloggers, and the internet control a large portion of fashion and i do believe editors and designers look to the internet and everyday people for inspiration!

    btw - thank you so much for you condolences - they were very encouraging and i truly appreciated them.

  59. that purse detail is sssooo great, and would be an awesome way to create "souvenirs" of a place you've visited. perhaps your daughter and you can create a diy tutorial?
    the gloves are great too, but luckily I can figure out how to do that on my own

  60. I love your polka dot top with the studded belt. Great combination. I want to do that now!


  61. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.Love that blouse.

  62. Darling you are the mix master and OMG, I LOVE that bag so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  63. SO fabulous! I love the necklace and bag, they were an absolute favourite!

    Thank you!

  64. The colour of the blouse perfectly picks up the green in the skirt... and I love those gloves. Wonderful outfit!

  65. Thank you everyone. You are most kind.

  66. Sacramento, You ROCK my world in this outfit!! When it gets cold here again, I will be making my own version of those gloves!!!

    I love that we (non-model and magazine folks) have a means of sharing our fashion creativity and authenticity. Seeing the way everyday people wear and style their clothes is highly inspiring!!

  67. Wow, fabulous bag and crystal pendant. You do the most amazing DIY's!



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